April 2008 Activity Report.


  • Built a Kindergarten on a land given to us by the farmers. We now have 142 children attending with 3 teachers and a janitor. Last year, we had 176, but 70+ had graduated and moved to the nearby government school.
  • We tutor 8th graders in the afternoon at our KG, get them involved in sport activities. All 43 students who sat for national exam passed as a result of our efforts!
  • We added 2 more class rooms at the government school, and donated 100+ desks.
  • We built a four-room living quarters for teachers in the area to live free of charge.
  • We donated a delivery bed and other medical tools/supplies to the clinic.
  • We helped finish a school building in a nearby village (the rooms had no doors or windows)
  • We are currently supporting 85 high school students (23-10th graders and 62-9th graders) as there is no high school in Acheber. After 8th grade, the kids would have turned to farming rather than walk 25 miles one-way to get to school. We rented houses and have them live there.
  • We have planted 500 trees to help curve the soil erosion.
  • We conducted 3 to 6 days clinic each year we traveled to Ethiopia, to treat the sick free of charge (drugs from us too).
  • We paid to have a 15 year old boy’s split lip medically fixed. He is one of our high school students, and was in tears when we were there in November 2007 to visit and give pep talk.
  • Helped build a local church and donated several Bibles and an accordion.
  • Opened a Youth Activity Center and hired a full time Youth Leader to promote the gospel to the high school students and area children.
  • Currently in the process of drilling a well in another village called Roben Jiracha.