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Welcome to East African Village Outreach (EAVO), where compassion meets action.
We believe in making a lasting impact on rural communities in East Africa.
Through our humanitarian efforts, we strive to address the diverse needs of these villages, fostering positive
change and sustainable development

Empowering Futures, Enriching Communities

Step into a world of positive change with East African Community Uplift (EACU).
We are dedicated to creating a brighter future for communities across East Africa through impactful initiatives.
Join us in our mission to uplift lives, promote education, and drive sustainable development in every corner we touch.

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Discover the force of positive change with African Hope Initiatives (AHI).
We are committed to turning hope into action by addressing critical needs in African communities.
Through our various programs, we strive to create opportunities, empower individuals, and build a foundation for lasting prosperity

Who We Are

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East African Village Outreach is a non-denominational faith-based organization that seeks to improve living conditions in rural East African villages to enable people to overcome issues that contribute to chronic impoverishment. We use a holistic approach to improve health, expand education, improve self-sufficiency and provide hope for the next generation.
EAVO's vision is to “make a difference for the next generation”. The overwhelming problems facing rural village people in East Africa can be overcome with a little innovative help. The resourcefulness and resolve of the people is inherent and admirable – but without resources, the cycles repeat themselves.
We hope to bring not only physical changes but spiritual changes as well. With humanitarian efforts in place we hope to gain trust and introduce the Gospel.
EAVO recognizes that aid programs cannot reach everyone. Our vision is to reach into the rural “missed” areas of East Africa bringing hope, opportunity and health to many who would be overlooked.


Our Programs

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clean Water Initiatives

Clean Water

Educational Support


Healthcare Projects


Empowering Sustainability


Support for Spiritual Development

Support for Spiritual

Community Needs Assessment

Community Needs

Customized Donor Support

Clean Water


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At East African Village Outreach (EAVO), we believe in making a tangible impact on communities. Here's a glimpse into some of our recent endeavors:

Project One

A Water Spring in Ajo, Ethiopia

A collaboration between Lakeside Church of Folsom, CA, Harvest Church of God, Ethiopia, and EAVO, this project aimed to enhance water accessibility in Ajo, Ethiopia. The team, including Bob Gross and Lee Jimison, worked tirelessly to develop and increase the flow of water from a local spring into a distribution system. This not only provided abundant water to the community but also supported EAVO's kindergarten school. As a bonus, Lakeside Church's generosity allowed for additional improvements, such as funding window glass for the school.

Project One

Water Project in Acheber

In March 2018, Executive Director Seifu Ibssa, accompanied by members of the Sacramento Rotary Club, visited the Acheber region to witness the progress of a significant water project. Through a successful partnership with the Rotary Club, the project aimed to provide clean water to sixteen distribution centers in Acheber villages, eliminating the need for arduous journeys to fetch unclean river water. Each distribution center now features four spigots, ensuring access to clean water for the community.

Our Achievements

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Tresi's Transformation

A Ray of Hope in Adversity

During a Fall 2015 trip to Ethiopia and Kenya, Jim Reese and Seifu Ibssa encountered Tresi, a young student near Kisumu, Kenya, suffering from a severe form of malnutrition-induced bone deformation known as "wind-blown knees." EAVO was approached for help, and with the support of the community and donors, Tresi underwent successful surgery. Her grandmother, Penina, shared their journey, testifying to the goodness of God.

Lana Reese Preschool Dedication

Education Illuminating Futures

In Adere, Ethiopia, a new preschool named after Lana Reese was dedicated by Jim Reese. Lana Reese, one of EAVO's co-founders, had a profound impact on Ethiopia and Kenya through tireless efforts. Worknesh, once a student in EAVO's first class, now serves as the head teacher in the Lana Reese Preschool. The dedication coincided with the second anniversary of Lana's passing, highlighting the enduring impact of one individual's life.

Seven Schools in Eleven Years

A Milestone Worth Celebrating

In the Summer of 2016, EAVO celebrated the opening of its fourth preschool in Ethiopia. Over eleven years, with the support of dedicated partners, EAVO assisted forgotten village communities in Ethiopia and Kenya in building seven schools, including a high school. Jim Reese emphasized the role of preschools as an entry point for the Church to gain favor with the community.

Make a difference by contributing to East African Village Outreach. Your donation helps provide aid, education, and support to communities facing challenges in Ethiopia. Join us in creating positive change and offering hope to those in need.



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African Connection

This blog highlights the work of East African Village Outreach (EAVO) in Ethiopia and Kenya. It mentions the challenges faced due to political unrest and the efforts to provide aid and spiritual comfort to affected communities. A significant part of the blog focuses on Tresi, a young student whose severe malnutrition required surgery. The surgery was successful, and Tresi's recovery is a testament to EAVO's impact.

September 19, 2016

African Connection

This entry provides a trip report from Ethiopia and Kenya, covering the opening of new preschools and reestablishing partnerships. The dedication of Lana Reese Preschool is a prominent feature, emphasizing the importance of education in Ethiopia's development.

September 19, 2016

Make a difference by contributing to East African Village Outreach. Your donation helps provide aid, education, and support to communities facing challenges in Ethiopia. Join us in creating positive change and offering hope to those in need.