Special Newsletter Fall 2023

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Dear friends,

In our last newsletter, we promised to bring you some exciting news.  Here they are.

  1. From Ajo Preschool to College Graduate: Maru’s story
  2. Where they are today: The story of our former high school / college students

 From Ajo Preschool to College Graduate:  Maru’s story

 We met Maru in 2006 as he was helping his mother  collect water from a nearby river. We noticed he was struggling to read Dr. Seuss books that we brought o Ethiopia.  We knew then he was onto something.

Maru was one of our first students to attend our very first preschool in Acheber, Ethiopia.  He continued to excel in his education ranking 1st from his elementary and secondary schools, passing the 12th grade national exam with flying colors.  Maru joined the top college in the country, Addis Ababa University, and graduated this year in Business and Economics.  He sent us a nice thank you letter after signing a job offer from one of the top national banks in the country.  We translated just a few lines from his letter.

Maru before Maru

“My parents sent me out with the cattle to graze and collect firewood, but your organization saw the potential in me and sent me to school.  I am eternally grateful for EAVO for its financial support when I was attending a high school far away from my family. I am also thankful for your help during my college years.” 

 Where they are today:

We would like to update you on a few of our former high school and college students.  Where are they now?  What do they do? We have their stories in brief along with their “before” and “after” pictures.


  • Worknesh Seyoum:

After her mothers death her father remarried and they moved.  The step-mother refused to accept Worknesh because of her deformity and  religion. She was left behind as a homeless orphan for two years.  She heard about what we were doing and snuck into a meeting we were having with potential students and parents.  After the meeting  she shyly approached us, explained her situation and, as tears welled up in her eyes said, that because of her deformity, she doubted that she would ever have a husband and that she would have a difficult time supporting herself - could she please have this chance for education.  Of course we couldn't refuse. 

Worknesh has been the well respected head teacher at Lana Reese school since it began ten years ago. 

  Worknesh beforeWorknesh

  • Sintu Girma: 

Sintu was born to parents who understood the value of education but lacked the resources to send her to a high school in the neighboring town, some 18 miles away.  EAVO helped her complete her high school and college.  Sintu is now employed at a medical equipment importing company.  She is married to her high school sweetheart and have two children.

Sintu before Sintu

  • Begashaw Tsegaye

Begashaw, whose father passed away leaving him with no support, was assisted by EAVO during his high school and college years.  After graduating, he joined Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and is now Loan Officer for importers.  He is currently volunteering at EAVO in running our high school and college programs. He is married and has a daughter.

Begashaw before Begashaw

  • Sewunet Senbeto

In 2006 when we began our high school program – sending high school students to a remote town, Sewunet approached us asking for help so he can finish his 12th grade (he had dropped out due to hardships).  We agreed.  He continued his studies in Tulu Bollo, Ethiopia and continued to college where we also supported him.  Today, Sewunet is a bank manager living with his wife and two children.

With your help, a total of 98 students have graduated and become productive citizens of Ethiopia.  These are but a few samples.  Some are accountants, nurses, teachers, bankers, and even college instructors.  It’s all because of your support.  We can’t thank you enough for all your support over the years.

Sewunet before Sewunet


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