African Connection Winter 2022

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Dear friends,

In this issue of The African Connection, we will have two reports:

  1. Edoy Water Project Completed (page 1)
  2. Financial Reports (page 2)

We are delighted to report that Edoy Water Project is complete!  Women and children are joyfully collecting clean water from nearby distribution centers we built for all five communities, which improves their health.  They no longer have to run to rivers to collect contaminated water only to be inflicted with water-borne diseases. 

Women are so happy to have clean water near their homes

Women are so happy to have clean water near their homes

The water also serves a Primary / Junior high school (grades 1-8) and a local Orthodox church that is frequented by thousands of worshipers from several other communities.

We are grateful to you, our donors.  Many donors have given thousands of dollars each, but wanted to remain anonymous.  A special thank you goes to Temecula Rotary Club who gave $9,000 towards this project.  Thank you!

School children drinking and washing hands from faucets

School children drinking and washing hands from faucets

We built 17 distribution centers serving more than 4,000 people.  Some of the pipes go as far as 6 kilometers.

Board Members:

  1. Olana Aberra – Chairman
  2. Adele Ohs – Secretary
  3. Harold Ohs – Treasurer
  4. Mary Staples – Member, co-founder
  5. Jim Reese – Member, co-founder
  6. Aberra Damessa – Member
  7. Seifu Ibssa, Executive Director, Member and co-founder

Mail your Tax-Deductible Gifts to:

East African Village Outreach (EAVO)
9688 Ashstone Way
Elk Grove, CA 95624

Below is our financial statement for 2022.   As you can see, 97% of our income is directed to projects.  Our admin expenses are just 3% this year.  Each one of us pay our own expenses when visiting project sites in Ethiopia, or travel to speak to groups such as Rotary Clubs when we are invited to introduce our organization and its projects. 

Financial Report Dec 31 2022

Thank you for your continued partnership with EAVO.  We couldn’t have done it without you!