African Connection Winter 2021

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Dear friends,

As always, we are so grateful for your continued support. The last couple of years have been challenging here at EAVO due to COVID-19, but the work continued, thanks to many of you. We thought you would like to see where we spend your donations, and your giving have advanced the gospel.  Financial reports are on page 2 of this newsletter.  Please continue to support us with your prayers and your gifts.

High School Dedication: Acheber High School has been dedicated with a fanfare of celebrations.  Officials from the Zone and District administration were present during the celebration, and handed out certificates and special gifts (Gabi, a cotton made scarf) to those who participated in the high school construction.

Among them were Mr. Hailu Ibssa, our former College and High School Coordinator, who came up with the idea of housing high school students in a nearby town while knocking at government doors to get a high school built in Acheber.  He also raised more than half a milion Birr from the community towards the construction.  EAVO was also recognized at this event.  Community members came from miles on horses and by foot to attend this important celebration.

Hailu Ibssa, 2nd from left, receiving Certificate of Appreciation and a Gabi.  “I want to see a high school built in Acheber before I die.” Hailu’s wish back in 2009.  Well, God has granted your wish, sir!

As we indicated in previous newsletters, with the completion of the new high school, we no longer have to send high school students to the nearby town of Harba Chulule.  We praise God that we were able to house more than 2,000 students in that town over the past 16 years, and send them to colleges because of your gifts!

 Classrooms ready!

The new preschool in Acheber is ready to receive new students! We expect students and teachers will be in their classrooms by the time this newsletter is published.  The new preschool is equipped with round tables to help children learn more efficiently. 

Update on Preschool Toilet Rooms: Now that the rainy season in Ethiopia is over, construction of the toilet rooms should begin while the classes are ongoing. 

We are grateful to many of you, our donors, who sent funds for this purpose.  A very special thank you to Denny and Judy Smith of Paraklete Foundation who covered more than 90% of the construction of the new preschool’s toilet rooms.


This year, we have had 13 students graduate in various field of studies, of whom 2 were female students.  Between 2020 and 2021, the ratio of girls that graduated were 25%.  So far, EAVO has helped 87 students from Acheber graduate from college since 2006.

These were students that we supported throughout their high school, living in a nearby town, thanks to your continued support.

Financial Report: Please note the financial summary of the past five years.  As you can see, our 2020 income was down significantly due to COVID-19.  EAVO aims to spend 5% or less of total income on administrative costs.  Our goal is to ensure the bulk of your donations are used to support our programs in Ethiopia.

Income and Expense (5 Year Trend)

Income and Expense in Graphs

 We are grateful for your partnership in this journey of spreading support and educational opportunity in Ethiopia. The improvement that we see developing in people’s lives would not be possible without your generosity.

Thank you!

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