African Connection Summer 2023

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Dear friends,

Thank you for all your support over the years. 

We have the following topics in this issue of the African Connection newsletter:

  1. Good News at Lana Reese Preschool, Ethiopia
  2. Top Preschool Designation, Ethiopia
  3. Where We Spend Your Donations, Ethiopia
  4. Purpose Driven School, Kenya

Good New at Lana Reese Preschool:  We are delighted to report the title deed that we have struggled to obtain from the district, is finally in the hands of Harvest Church of God, our partner. 

children drinking water

Lana Reese school children drinking water while two teachers are supervising

The Board felt it was time to address the remaining needs of the school such as water well and latrines, both of which were completed in February 2023.

The administration plans to sell clean water to community members to subsidize teachers’ salaries.

latrine for children

Lana Reese School latrine for children and teachers

School students

Lana Reese School students

 Top Preschool Designation:  Our preschool in Acheber Town, which began operation two years ago, was designated top preschool in the entire South-Western Shoa Zone that administers the District.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you!

town preschool classroom

Acheber town preschool classroom

Purpose Driven School, Kisumu, Kenya: The following is a special thank you message from our partner, Samuel Okumu of Purpose Driven School.

“We have the pleasure to give our deep appreciation to you and all EAVO family for the support you sent us for the purchase of 68 treated mosquito bed nets. This has been a great need for the school because Malaria is still the leading killer disease of children below 10 years and expectant mothers in Africa and especially Kenya.”

children with mosquito nets

Preschool children with mosquito nets

 Preschools locations

Where We Spend Your Donations: 

Do you know your gift touched 630 students in 2023?  Well, besides supporting over 40 college students, we are thrilled to inform you that 19 teachers / guards were employed to teach those many students in our preschools.

Please consider giving: 

We are very short for next school year’s budgets. 

Thank you!

Board Members:

  1. Olana Aberra – Chairman
  2. Adele Ohs – Secretary
  3. Harold Ohs – Treasurer
  4. Mary Staples – Member, co-founder
  5. Jim Reese – Member, co-founder
  6. Aberra Damessa – Member
  7. Seifu Ibssa, Executive Director, Member and co-founder

Mail your Tax-Deductible Gifts to:

East African Village Outreach (EAVO)
9688 Ashstone Way
Elk Grove, CA 95624

We will mail you a special report on the graduation of our college students as soon we receive those reports and graduate pictures. It will feature Merga Wondimu, our former preschool student. An exciting story!