African Connection (Summer 2016)

An achievement worth celebrating!

A message from the Executive Director

The new preschool with latrine for boys and girls - in the backyard 

Seven Schools in Eleven Years! Thank you, our loyal partners. With your help, we have assisted forgotten village communities in Ethiopia and Kenya to build a high school, to upgrade a 4th grade level school to an 8th grade level, to upgrade a 1st grade school to a 4th grade, and to build 4 preschools in different parts of Ethiopia, making the total seven schools in eleven years. It is an achievement worth celebrating.

“In Africa, preschools provide an entry way for the Church to gain favor with the community”.

Jim Reese

East African Village Outreach (EAVO) will open the 4th Preschool in Ethiopia in September. It has been more than seven years since the village of Roben Jirecha and EAVO petitioned the government for land to build a preschool for early childhood education. Guennet Church, our Ethiopian partners in this endeavor, finally received title to 5,600 square meters of land in 2015 for a preschool and a church. After negotiations and careful study, EAVO board members voted to send funds to build the preschool.

The school is complete and the church will be built by the village at a later date. We praise God for your gifts over the years helping us bring education, clean water and other support to these forgotten areas of the world. Thank you for your continued contributions. Without them, we could not continue.

Thank you and may God bless you and yours.
Seifu Ibssa