African Connection Fall 2022

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Dear friends,

Our executive director, Seifu Ibssa, travelled to Ethiopia in early August and has updates on the following topics. 

  1. College Graduates
  2. Edoy Water Project update
  3. Acheber Natives Association established
  4. EAVO recognized
  5. Repairs to our oldest preschool
  6. Evangelism update

College Graduates:  Among our Acheber college attendees whom we support monthly, 7 (Seven) received their degrees in various studies. 

Seifu with one of our graduates

Seifu with one of our graduates, Esayas Gugsa

Among the graduates are 4 male and 3 female students.  So far, you have helped us with assisting 94 college students graduate and get employed in their field of study.  Thank you so much for all your assistance to these students. 

We anticipate supporting about 40 students in 2022-2023 school year, all from Acheber village, Ethiopia.  Many thanks again for your support!

Edoy Water Project Update:

Edoy Water Project is getting built as scheduled despite the unfavorable weather conditions in Acheber area.  Men and women load donkeys with large rocks, cement, sand, and pebble rocks from about 3 miles away travelling uphill for more than an hour.  The level of commitment is very impressive.  The reservoir is well designed with intake, overflows, and cleaning outlets.  

Helping unload donkeys (Yes, I grew up doing this 😊).

Reviewing spring container.

We are currently short by $14,485 to complete this water project.  Any support you can send us would be greatly appreciated.  (Please mark your gift as “Edoy Water Project”). Thank you!

Acheber Natives Association (ANA) established:  With an objective of making Acheber self-sufficient, Seifu called up all expatriates of Acheber that live and work in Addis Ababa, and helped them establish an organization.  They quickly collected over 250,000 Birr (about $4,800) towards the water project.  The group elected 5 leaders with Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

With Ethiopia. Acheber expatriates

With Acheber expatriates

With the contractor by the reservoir he built

With the contractor, Muluneh (R), by the reservoir he built

EAVO Recognized:

Our organization, East African Village Outreach, has been recognized by the Zone Administration for its efforts in building schools in Acheber.  A trophy was given to EAVO’s Executive Director in a ceremony held in the Zone’s compound with several people attending the event.  We thank you for all your support to make this happen.  We could not have made it without your continued support.  Thank you!

EAVO Recognized

Oldest Preschool Repaired:

Built in 2006, our very first Preschool in Ethiopia required major repairs.  EAVO Board members discussed the situation and sent a little over $5,000 to help repair the school.  It is now in much better shape than 4 moths ago when Seifu visited the school. 

Some of the students that were taught here are now in 4th year college at some of the top universities in the country. We thank you for your continued support to help us address this and other needs in Ethiopia.

Repairs underway at our first preschool

Repairs underway at our first preschool


Children are being taught Bible lessons in all four preschools that EAVO supports.  With regards to our partner, Guennet Church’s efforts, the Church has a 5-5-5-5 plan to evangelize communities across Ethiopia and beyond.  The plan is to reach 5 million people across the globe (mainly in Ethiopia), within 5 years, send out 500 church planters and plant 500 churches.  

church planters

With that vision, our Roben Jirecha church plans to reach out to 10 communities in the area.  I had a meeting with the Mission Head in Addis Ababa and the person tasked with planting those churches in Sombo on my way to Acheber. Both are extremely thrilled about these plans.  I met a group of people praying in the home of the church planter.  It is an exciting project – one that can transform people’s lives through Christ.

More Pictures

A section of Acheber Uruffa Cheffee High School

A section of Acheber Uruffa Cheffee High School

Discussing Edoy Water Project

Discussing Edoy Water Project

Work of Art in making a basket

Work of Art in making a basket

Delivering solar lights

Delivering solar lights (Gift of Temecula Rotary Club)

Some of our preschool children

Some of our preschool children in Roben Jirecha

Help Acheber girls run to school

Help Acheber girls run to school, not to rivers. Donate towards Edoy Water Project! We’re short by $14,485

Board Members:

  1. Olana Aberra – Chairman
  2. Adele Ohs – Secretary
  3. Harold Ohs – Treasurer
  4. Mary Staples – Member, co-founder
  5. Jim Reese – Member, co-founder
  6. Aberra Damessa – Member
  7. Seifu Ibssa, Executive Director, Member and co-founder

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